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“If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.”
Romain Rolland, French Nobel Laureate


Namaste We are Anil Solanki and Monika Diaz, welcome to our lifes

India  is a land of contrasts. You can enjoy deserts and lakes, bustling bazaars and temples too. It is a land of Maharajas and the most beautiful women wrapped in colorful saris, It is a land of Vegas, Mahabharata, Yoga and Ayurveda.
If you really want to know India and Nepal and have unique experiences, you are in the right place. The best and easiest way to know is to rent a car with driver, not having to plan every detail and giving you the opportunity to have an unforgettable journey that will show you the Real India.

The Rajasthan is the state where we live. It is the essence of India.


For many years I have travelled as a driver in Northern India and Rajasthan. I have gained an extensive experience guiding travelers along many unique routes, which allows me to adapt the travel plan to your requirements, budget and personal preferences.

During my trips I have met many other drivers, which has allowed me to choose the best of them as collaborators so we can offer you the best travelling experience.

My wife Monika is from Spain (Malaga), she also travelled around India and Nepal with me, so she knows very well what tourists feel in our country and what you need in every moment.

We have an in-depth knowledge of India: we will show you the most picturesque corners and the most gorgeous landscapes.

We offer you an excellent experience that will allow you to savour India moment by moment, providing you a professional service with safe, careful drivers that will make sure you enjoy every second of your trip.
We have worked for customers from many nationalities: British, American, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish… Many travellers have returned several times for further trips with us, fascinated by India, its rich cultural heritage and all its welcoming people. Any of those travellers could tell you a thousand wonderful stories from their trips with us. Because many travellers have returned and asked to visit new cities and regions, I have now prepared routes covering regions all over India and Nepal.

In our country, a guest is always treated like a king. For us, it will be a privilege to guide you to places you will never forget.


WINNER 2015 WEBlogo 2016You only need to book your international flight to India and arrange a valid entry visa. We will tailor your trip, taking into account your tastes and preferences. We will book your domestic flights, trains, hotels and will advise on routes to follow and the best day trips on each place.
You can also choose to travel with a driver and a car and to book hotels as you go, allowing you to choose staying longer or shorter at any place.

Our tours: (click for information)

In either case, we will pick you up at the airport whenever you arrive to start the chosen route. The only thing you will have to worry about is not to miss any detail during your trip, everything you see, hear, feel.

Every morning we will wait for you at the chosen hotel to carry on with your journey. After discovering India with us, we will take you back to the airport, where we will bid you farewell and our services will end.

We will call you every 2 days to check that everything is correct and also you can call us with driver´s phone.

Activities that we can arrange:

– Cooking class in Udaipur
– Yoga in Pushkar or Rishikesh
– Bollywood dance school in Jaipur
– Trekking in Ranakpur
– Rafting in Rishikesh
– Safari in Ranthambore National Park
– Enjoy Bollywood movie in Raj Mandir Cinema
– Camel Ride in desert and sleep in desert
– Elephant Ride in Jaipur
– Boat Ride in Udaipur or Varanasi
– Hindu Weeding with horse/elephant ride …


We have a large variety of cars, so that we can adapt to your needs. We will choose the car model depending on the number of people in your group to ensure your comfort.

All cars have air-conditioning, they have regular check-ups and are in excellent condition.

Our cars: (click for information)


Just tell us when you would like to visit India, your chosen route and we will prepare a budget for you.


You can contact me by e-mail or phone.

Indian Mobile also whatsapp(+0091) 9829 107 207

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